Premium Aluminium entrance door

Extremely durable and warm-keeping aluminium profile system, robust but remarkably stylish fillings and a wide range of colours – all of this makes that SOLANO doors answer the needs of the most demanding customers.

Owing to a consistent range of colours of all KRISPOL HOME products, you can perfectly match your door with your garage door, windows and even external blinds.

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Exterior doors – modern solutions

The SOLANO 90 aluminium door system is based on profiles with a depth of 90 mm. The panels, made of aluminium sheets, are filled with an extremely thick insulation layer of polyurethane foam.

Exterior entrance doors and energy efficiency

Double-sided overlay panels form an elegant and uniform surface with the frame. Designed down to the finest detail, the doors let obtain a heat transfer coefficient of 0.8 W [m2K] and above.

  1. Insulated profiles – bimetallic spacer in profiles
  2. Insulated threshold – thermal, polyamide separators in the threshold
  3. Additional EPDM gasket
  4. Expansion rubber, 4 mm thick
  5. Double-sided overlay panel – flat surface
  6. Exterior cladding made of 3 mm thick aluminium sheet
  7. Invisible drainage
  8. Internal cladding made of 2 mm thick aluminium sheet
  9. Additional thermal insert inside the profiles
  10. PU insulation foam, G-60 kg/m3

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