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We are the leading producer of the highest quality garage doors, windows, shutters, entrance doors and products for industry. We have been operating in the market for almost 30 years. Since the beginning, our aim has been to create solutions adjusted to the customers’ individual needs. We have combined perfect quality, safety and flexibility. Our product offer has been increasing year by year to offer the customers comprehensive equipment for home. Today we are still determined and consequent to pursue our plans to approach customers’ needs and their vision of an ideal house. We have set an ambitious target to maintain the position of the innovation leader in our industry, both when it comes to products and the customer service standards.

We have built state-of-the-art factories, with one of the best machine parks in Europe. We have been investing in the development and training of employees and retail partners for years. Along with our partners we have created a professional sales network across Poland and many European countries. Our Partners provide customers with professional consulting and give them the possibility of co-designing the products. We can say today that the effects of our work are based on combination of top quality, professionalism and customers’ vision.

Closer to you


HOME – safe and comfortable space made of ideas and visions. For many of us this is the most important investment in life. Our products are created for many years, bearing in mind individual needs of buyers. The products give the possibility making an ideal home. We want to construct solutions coming up to the most ambitious visions of customers.

Comprehensive offer, compatibility of solutions.

Not only do we manufacture garage doors but also windows, doors and roller shutters. Thanks to a broad offer it is possible to purchase ideally matching elements in one place. A wide selection of models and technological solutions in a comprehensive offer means great comfort and savings in terms of time and money.

The colour, texture, dimension – no limits.

The selection of any arrangements is possible thanks to a broad range of colours, different textures, decors and finish details. The virtual studio may turn out useful when designing.

The quality, safety, warranty, professional service and consulting – anything will be possible.

Customized and safe solutions of ideal quality are made in our factories. Professional consulting is provided by our sales netowrk. All products are covered by a uniform system of warranty and service. We will find together a tailor-made solution for your dream house.

We have been taking care of the good cooperation with our business partners for years. of the cooperation relies on technical and commercial support, development and trainings, effective distribution of products, sales materials and essentially the dialogue and individual approach.

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