November 2, 2015BlueowlNews

One or two doors for a double garage?

More and more often, efficient and fast travelling to school, work, leisure activities or shopping becomes a very important element of our lifestyle. One car for the whole family is not enough anymore. That is why we decide to have a double garage but we must face the question: what should we choose – one larger door or two smaller ones?

One door
Two doors

To answer this question, we need to know more about your garage location. If it is part of the house, it must be insulated.

One large door, e.g. 5000 x 2250 mm, will have a better heat transfer coefficient than two smaller, 2500 x2250 mm doors.

However, in everyday use, two doors may prove to be a more advantageous solution. Each time we leave and enter the garage, we only need to open one smaller door, which reduces heat loss. Purchasing two doors with separate drives is associated with a greater upfront cost, but with the frequent opening of the doors, it will allow for future savings.

In the case of a free-standing garage, its thermal insulation does not matter and one larger door is a better and cheaper solution.

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