January 28, 2021BlueowlNews

KRISPOL focuses on the warm installation of garage doors NEW

The New Year’s season is a time when many investors plan to initiate construction works or finish those started last year. The KRISPOL brand introduces an important novelty – a warm installation garage door system. The innovation aims to reduce thermal losses in the building and the consumption of energy needed to heat the garage.

Designing the space for cars in the house is one of the most important decisions. Should I choose a built-in garage or a free-standing one? A single or a double one? Many questions arise in the investor’s head. A built-in garage means everyday convenience in use, space saving and extra entrance to the house, but you must be also be aware of the need of maintaining its thermal comfort.

KRISPOL, as a conscious manufacturer, pays special attention to energy-saving solutions for woodwork.

We often emphasize that a good (it is correctly performed) installation is just as important as a good product. The innovation that we believe will revolutionize the market this year is a warm installation garage door system. The patent pending solution from the KRISPOL brand consists in isolating the contact elements of the door with the wall. Using extra gaskets improve the sealing along the whole perimeter of the door. Special, profiled hard EPS foam is used for assembly. In practice, the KRISPOL warm installation system improves the insulation of the central unit by about 30%, and of the entire door up to 20% – says Tomasz Kubczak, Project Manager, about the revolutionary warm installation garage door system.

KRISPOL declares that its garage door with a 40 mm panel, which normally obtains U = 1.09 [W/m2K], reaches parameters similar to doors with a 60 mm panel with a warm installation system, it is U = 0.89 [W/m2K]. On the other hand, the door with a 60 mm panel using a warm installation system is currently the warmest solution designed for built-in garages and allows to achieve U = 0.77 [W / m2K] (calculations apply for a 5000×2250 mm door).

The KRISPOL garage door with warm installation system can be used both in the new door installation and during thermal modernization.

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