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How to protect our garage door during construction? 5 tips from our expert!

Protection of our garage door during construction – why is it so important?

Installing a garage door at an early construction stage has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of this solution is the fact that the garage secured by a door, is an ideal place for storing building materials, equipment or tools. If, additionally, we install door and window joinery within the safeHOME package, we can assure comprehensive investment protection even at the stage of the building shell. The question often asked by investors is: when should I install a garage door? Should I do it along with the rest of the joinery or wait until plastering and finishing work has been done and in the meantime covering the entrance to the garage with primitive planks? Investors are often concerned that installing a door at an early stage of construction can lead to mechanical damage and dirt accumulation. It may happen – but it doesn’t have to – if we follow some instructions described in this article. Please read them.

In the first part of our guide, we provided some guidelines on how to maintain roller blinds during the construction stage. In this episode, we are going to focus on garage doors, which must also be properly protected after installation and before commissioning of the building. You need to follow just a few simple steps to protect the door installed at the construction stage against potential defects resulting from negligence.

How to secure your garage door during construction?

We suggest to follow the instructions in the following order:

  1. Installation of the door should be done after laying and complete drying of internal plaster, because wet plaster may cause increased humidity inside thus creating excellent conditions for mould and fungus formation on the walls as well as corrosion of steel elements. Any room that has been painted or with high humidity should be well ventilated
  2. Door panel should be secured against dirt accumulation resulting from plastering, or using adhesives, primers or paints.
  3. All gaskets should be regularly cleaned of dirt accumulated during the construction. Dust, particulate matter or cement can negatively affect the surface. If we neglect this step, abrasion may occur during our door operation.
  4. If there is no floor slab, please remember that the door must not be supported only in certain spots. Such action may lead to deformation of the seals and their function will be comprised later.
  5. After the floor slab is finished, the door should be adjusted to match the new conditions. It is necessary to check that the door is working properly and the seals adhere to its surface evenly. Finally, we must check whether the door drive works properly.

If we follow the above guidelines, we can install our garage door at the same time as other elements of the joinery and thus obtain a handy place to store building materials and expensive tools. By deciding to select joinery within the safeHOME package, we can secure the house even at the stage of the building shell.

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